Bob Oxblood

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Bob Oxblood combines classical finger picking with synthetic textures and melancholic, longing vocals.  Having spent earlier years providing electric tones with Orange County power pop outfits Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate as well as crossing the US as a touring guitarist with the likes of John Legend, Oxblood has been crafting his solo work in studios and on stages in New York and Los Angeles for the past few years.


Modern Nations

MOdern Nations is a collaborative project helmed by veteran producers and principal songwriters Nolan Thies and Toby Pipes. With influences ranging from Talk Talk to Roxy Music to Caribou, Modern Nations crafts sophisticated pop with unidentifiable instrumentation and evocative textures into a subliminal soundscape.


Dead Heart Bloom

Dead Heart Bloom was formed by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalskyand guitarist Paul Wood following the dissolution of their previous band, the Washington, DC-based Phaser. In 2015 and 2016, Dead Heart Bloom began releasing new material, mixed by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev.


Boris Skalsky

Boris Skalsky is a musician, composer, and songwriter releasing and writing music through a number of projects. His work ranges from the quiet folk of solo acoustic releases, ambient rock of bands Dead Heart Bloom and Phaser, contemporary classical instrumental works, and experimental electronics of the synth collective Tiger Mountain. 


Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain is an electronic collective that creates music with beats, soundscapes, digital, analog and found sounds. Their sound encompasses cinematic and abstract backgrounds to structured rhythmic oscillations. Their music has been used as soundtracks and performed live for multimedia art installations in and around New York City.