State of Mind cover.jpg

DEAD HEART BLOOM: State of Mind (EP)

Dead Heart Bloom’s “State of Mind” recent single “Lost In A Dream” with 3 brand new tracks that explore broken hearts, future dreams and the interior spaces of time and place. Musically shifting between guitar effect-laden bursts, merciful piano ballads and subtle electronic psychedelics, the EP places the band firmly, as one reviewer maintains, “between the Beatles and ‘The Bends’”.



Dead Heart Bloom returns with new single “Spies Like Us”, a dark twist where foreboding piano and anxious vocals presage dark synth grooves and angular guitar melodies.


Tiger Mountain returns with “Structures”, a beat-heavy 5 track offering that couples a healthy dose of 4-on-the-floor with more cerebral listening experiences.


BORIS SKALSKY: Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day is a five song acoustic record written and conceived as a duet between Boris Skalsky and New York based singer-songwriter Joy Dragland. Exploring themes of love and loss, the songs were written, recorded and produced in New York City.

LIVE FOOTAGE: Two Bedroom Flat

“Two Bedroom Flat” is a guided tour of avant electro taking the listener across moods and scenes and creating aural landscapes by building beats, atmospheres and fashioning unexplored sonic spaces.



In 2016 Tiger Mountain scored the music for a solo exhibition titled Moving/Still by New York based photographer and visual artist Michelle Repiso. The film, and the music that Tiger Mountain created to accompany it, are dream-like and ambiguous, like a distant memory. The work was first exhibited in New York City in April 2016 with Tiger Mountain providing live accompaniment. This EP features four pieces from the score.

BOB OXBLOOD: Trash Mansion

Bob Oxblood has again partnered with Ephemeral Arts to release his latest single “Trash Mansion”, a summery reflection of laid back heady days shored up with textural guitars, affecting synths and Oxblood’s characteristically winsome vocals. A lighter side of the Brooklyn-based singer songwriter that walks the fine line between inertia and apathy, anchored by looping acoustic chords against steady piano and drums.



Dead Heart Bloom returns with a spiraling riff-heavy psychedelic track with a "great big glam rock stomp on it" and "guitars in many different colors." Featured in the CBS show "Criminal Minds".